Thoughts of Blogging and Past Bias

For the longest time, I thought blogging was just another way for people who are scared of criticism to post their views and opinions of things and be able to edit out the bad, and let in the good. I thought this to be true because any time a person linked me to a blog, it was full of nerdrage, or useless information about how their Warhammer 40k army would destroy anyone elses. I came across links to blogs like these through other gaming forums back when Warhammer 40k was one of the more popular ways to waste time and occupy yourself, and obviously any gaming forum is going to be overflowing with situational nerdrage. Haha.

I didn’t realize until about 2 years ago that blogs are intended to be made for sharing information about experiences, whether it be something they’ve seen, heard or even had happen to themselves. Jason Watson, our lecturer, gave us some valuable ‘learning resources’ to look at. One he strongly recommended was the blog of Sacha Chua. Sacha Chua’s Blog has information about how to better recognize what is needed to network yourself and is a prime example of how to open yourself up to the world, sharing an image of her as she is, and sharing her experiences with all kinds of situations she’s been part of.

I definitely have a positive opinion about blogging these days, and I feel as this class progresses we’ll be able to explore and find many other helpful sources of information through blogging, whether it be through each other, or through some random guy in some random area no one has ever heard of.

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